What We Do

Individual Therapy is beneficial for people of all ages, including children, adolescents and adults.  It can be ideal for individuals who are experiencing a specific problem in their lives, such as the death of a loved one, a medical diagnosis, job-related stress and/or career challenges, difficulty getting pregnant, or relationship issues, among others.  Individual therapy is also helpful to address specific symptoms you may be experiencing, including anxiety and/or panic, sadness and/or depression, difficulty concentrating, lack of motivation, disinterest in usual activities, or too much energy.  You can decrease your uncomfortable symptoms, build useful coping skills and regain your sense of inner peace and joy for life.  Clients have expressed that the best part of individual therapy is the opportunity to establish their own life goals and the time to focus on themselves every week!

Couples Counseling is ideal for those who are hoping to address a specific problem in their relationship, or who may have noticed breakdowns in communication with their partner.  Counseling with couples usually involves addressing the needs of each individual partner, as well as what might be best for the couple as its own entity over the course of their shared lives together.  The therapist can assist the couple to make change by considering their partner’s perspective, building skills to improve communication, and changing views and choices to allow for deeper, life-long intimacy.

Family Therapy is available for families in all stages, and for all types of families.  Family therapy can be tailored to blended families, single-parent households, those experiencing divorce or other separations, families with same-sex parents, and families with children at all developmental levels.  The issues that families face in our modern, fast-paced world are endless, thus so are the benefits of working on family connections in therapy. 

Parent consultation is available for parents who may have concerns about their child or may be questioning a decision regarding their children.  Parents may benefit from consultation related to general discipline philosophies and practices.  Sessions can be tailored to specific needs including ADHD, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, or other social-emotional concerns.  Consultation can be just a single session, or ongoing meetings until the issue is addressed.  

Psychodynamic Therapy Are you feeling “stuck”?  Psychotherapy helps clients to look deeper at their upbringing and/or unresolved past experiences to consider how the past may be repeating itself in current relationships or impeding your success in life.  Clients benefit from learning more positive thinking and behavioral patterns, increasing self-awareness, and resolving old issues and conflicts.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy can be used to treat any problem you are experiencing, from a “bad habit” to eating disorders, substance abuse disorders, social anxiety, anger management, or relationship issues.  Clients learn specific methods and strategies to test their patterns of thinking which leads to behavior change and feeling better.  CBT is practical, solution-oriented therapy which allows clients to understand the consequences of their thinking and behavior, and to develop better decision-making skills.

Play Therapy is the primary modality used in the treatment of children and is often combined with other techniques to promote optimal results.  Play therapy utilizes story-telling, role-playing, drawing, music and other strategies to encourage emotional expression by the child.  By engaging in these techniques with children, the therapist can teach more adaptive, developmentally-appropriate behavior.  Play therapy can be used to address a number of specific concerns, including disruptive behavior, fears and anxiety, school resistance, social problems, and to resolve trauma symptomatology.